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Complete food for guinea pigs with alfalfa

Cavia Nature is a complete food for guinea pigs, which contains carefully selected natural ingredients enriched with alfalfa and herbs. Alfalfa contains a lot of protein and crude fiber, which guarantees an optimal intestinal, better digestion and excellent condition of the rodent.


Extrudates with vegetables in the form of light flakes and garden herbs improve the taste of food and ensure its proper party. Cavia Nature Istria, with 16 different components, contains all the necessary vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients. Thus matched to the nutrient demand guinea pigs.

Composition: guinea pig pellets, extrudate, guinea pigs, corn flakes, alfalfa, alfalfa extrudate, the extrudate from corn, yeast, barley, pea flakes, flakes beans, carrots extrudate, the extrudate with herbs, bean extrudate, vitamin A (12,000 UI / kg), vitamin D3 (1500 UI / kg), vitamin E (40 mg / kg), vitamin C (255mg / kg), copper (10 mg / kg).

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