Versele Laga - Cuni Nature


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Complete feeds for rabbits and dwarf rabbits. This premium blend of natural ingredients, contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids your pet needs for a healthy and carefree life full of vitality. Ingredients: vegetable products, cereals, vegetables (min. 11% of which 25% carrots, red beets 3.5%, 3.5% and 3.5% parsnips tomatoes), vegetable protein extracts, grains (min. 4% of which 23% flaxseed), fruits (min. 4% of which 10% apple, 15% and 75% banana carob), minerals, yeast, FOS, lofty marigold extract, herbs, algae extract, yucca, MOS , grape seed extract Analysis: 15.5% crude protein, 4% crude fat, 15% crude fiber, 6% ash, 0.80% calcium, 0.50% phosphorus, 0.66% lysine, 0.23% Additional methionine per kg: Vitamin A 12,000 JM, 1500 U vitamin D3, 40 mg vitamin E, 10 mg of copper as copper sulfate (II)

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