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A complete feed for degus with a great balance of nutrients. Also fibres, herbs and vegetables to help with dental abrasion. With FOS, MOS & Yucca extract and no added sugar.

Versele-Laga Degu Nature is a balanced feed adapted to the specific requirements of degus. This premium blend of natural components contains all the essential nutrients, vitamins, minerals and amino acids your pet needs to live a healthy and carefree life full of vitality.

Degu Nature contains extra fibre, herbs, vegetables and supplements beneficial to health: for excellent digestion, good dental hygiene, a glossy coat and perfect health. The wide variation in ingredients guarantees great taste and consumption. Without pressed pellets, wholegrain or added sugars!

Versele-Laga Degu Nature at a glance:

  • Complete feed for degus
  • An ideal composition of nutrients: rich in nutrients, minerals, vitamins and amino acids
  • Added bonus: dietary fibres, herbs and vegetables
  • Encourages abrasion of teeth
  • High acceptance and great flavour
  • FOS & MOS: for harmonious digestion and to take the burden of the guts
  • No sugar or pressed seeds
  • Supports healthy skin and fur
  • Yucca extract: for reduction of faeces odour

    Feeding guidelines:
    For a degu an average daily portion of approx. 30g of feed is recommended. Provide fresh food and drinking water daily. Also give enough hay.
    Vegetable by-products, vegetables, vegetable protein extracts, minerals, seeds, yeast, fructo-oligosaccharides, herbs, marigold extract, marigold, algae, yucca extract, mannan-oligosaccharides, grape seed extract.

    Vitamin A (12,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1500 IU/kg), vitamin E (40 mg/kg), vitamin C (85 mg/kg), copper (II) sulphate (11 mg/kg).

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