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Premium food for parrots, made with lots of delicious nuts and seeds. A traditional tasty food mix from Versele Laga which your pet will enjoy.

Prestige Parrot Food is a traditional food mix and provides a great basis for a healthy diet for your parrot. It is full of top quality seeds and grain and contains many of the nutrients your pet needs for a shiny plumage and a long and healthy life.

You should also supplement your pet's diet with a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables

Striped sunflower seeds (25 %), white sunflower seeds (20 %), Plata corn (7 %), wheat (6 %), pointed oats (5 %), cardy (5 %), buckwheat (5 %), shelled peanuts (5 %), unshelled peanuts (4 %), paddy rice (4 %), sorghum (3 %), hemp seed (3 %), oats (3 %), popped corn (2 %), pine cones (2 %), pumpkin seeds (1 %).

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