Versele Laga Stick Canary Forest Fruit, 60G

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Versele Laga Prestige Sticks Canary Forest Fruit is a pack of two oven-baked seed sticks for canaries, with a.o. elderberry, cranberry and rose hip. Thanks to this berry feast on a stick your birds will be able to enjoy a culinary delight. Boredom does not stand a chance.

Thanks to the "Magifix" variable hanging clip you can easily hang up the sticks in the animal pen, wherever you want. Furthermore, they are wrapped in "Freshpack" packaging, so the aroma and the crispiness are conserved until you open the bag.

Directions for use

Provide freely as an addition to the main feed.


Seeds, Cereals, Honey, Sugars, Fruit (elderberry, cranberry, rose hip), Bakery products & Oils and fats  





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