Vet Iq Defurr-Um (Hairball Protector)


Title: Vet Iq Defurr-Um
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  • Furball protector for cats and kittens over 6 months of age
  • High energy source also containing vitamin E
  • Aids in the elimination of furballs in cats or kitten


Active Ingredients Major Function

Malt Syrup/ Petrolatum

Combination of natural ingredients that gently lubricate the system giving a mild laxative effect that removes the furball and reduces the likelihood future blockages.

Vitamin E

Natural antioxidant that protects against free radical damage.

Target Furballs can be prevented by frequent grooming and the routine administering of VETIQ Defurr-UM Hairball Remedy as directed.


Warning: Use only as directed.  If symptoms of hairball persist, consult a veterinarian. Do not administer to kittens less than six months old.  Keep this and all medications out of reach of children and pets

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