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Vet IQ Flea Guard tablets cat and dog (90 tabs)

Vet IQ Flea Guard tablets cat and dog (90 tabs)

  • Natural flea and tick repellent
  • Produces an odour that insects find unpleasant
  • Fortified with nutrients
  • Helps reduce doggy smells

    VetIQ Flea Guard tablets contain a totally natural unique blend of ingredients which helps to repel fleas and ticks. No drops to put on the back of the neck; no lasting chemicals in your pets’ skin or bloodstream. VetIQ Flea Guard is a superb natural deterrent for fleas and ticks and is safe to use as it has no adverse drug reactions or leaves any pesticide residue.

    VetIQ Flea Guard contains a blend of B vitamins, Yeast, Zinc and Garlic which help to make your pets blood less palatable to fleas and ticks. In addition, this blend of ingredients has the benefit of reducing the soggy doggy smells, whilst also keeping their coat glossy and skin healthy. This product does not contain added salt, sugar or preservatives.



    Cats – 1 – 5 kg – 1/2 tablet daily

    Dogs & puppies – less than 5 kg – 1/2 tablet daily

    Dogs – 5 -10 kg – 1 tablet daily

    Dogs – 10 – 20 kg – 1 1/2 tablets daily

    Dogs – 20- 30 kg – 2 tablets daily

    Dogs – Greater than 30 kg – 3 tablets daily